Virtual Studio Visit

The #100daysofMoondrift art challenge is more than halfway through. Today marks the 67th consecutive day of creating a new piece! It has not been forgiving. Yet it's pushed my work forward in unexpected ways and has broken through in giving myself the time to form daily studio habits. These are photos shot by iD3 (link to his insta) for an inside look at my studio. 

My process has been mostly acrylic paint, but has moved fluidly between watercolor & ink as well. I've done quite a few small works on paper. 

The works largely involve space. As I start a new piece I've been choosing a limited color palette and then going for composition. I look for dynamic color and forms with strong texture and mark making. 

The materials push me forward in layering. Squeegees are a newfound love (see the image on the left) for creating super marks in acrylic paint on top of ink or watercolors. I'm wanting to create sculpture in the future and relate them to my work in painting as well. 


The biggest paintings I've done so far are 3 feet by 5 feet long and even double that. They're painted as wall hangings on unstretched canvas and they reference textiles with their flat shapes. I'm always admiring flat Ui/UX design & textile artists on Pinterest! I can't quite figure it out. 


If you'd like to learn more about what I'm doing you can find me on Instagram @moondriftstudios. I will be doing a free giveaway of a piece made during the challenge in late June/early July. Keep an eye out for contest rules coming soon, and thank you for coming through!