I'm an artist & I just spent the last 100 days making art. Here's to many more!

The 100 days of art challenge was a strenuous, awesome thing. I finished it! I made at least one new artwork a day from April 1st all the way through July 9th. My original goal going into this was to simply get back into the habit of things. I didn't really feel like I was making too much progress in the studio. Beforehand I was only finding time to do digital sketches and I was pretty much missing the physical materials. 

Day 100 of the 100 day project. 

Now that I'm post-challenge, new ideas are flowing. I was able to cement some series ideas about process and moving from sketch to paintings to display during the 100 days. It was a good exercise in being brave & building momentum - I had to post my 'mistakes'! I've learned it can still be valuable to work through creative block, and will actually work to unstick itself. 

It got me in the habit of dealing with materials and carving out a space to work in my apartment. I'm happy to be fully utilizing the space and envisioning the future. The Great Discontent (see link for instructions) created #the100dayproject as an IG hashtag and hosts it as a yearly event in April - for those of you thinking about joining in!

My favorite work came from relating painting to landscape via photography on a day trip. See the collection on Instagram at www.instagram.com/moondriftstudios. I'm so glad I did it! 


Keep an eye out for new store items & go enter #the100daygiveaway contest to win free original artwork plus mini prints. 

Thank you for following along with me!