A Year in Review

Update March 4th, 2018. I was unable to reach a spot in the top 10 entries but I would like to sincereley thank you all for voting! Your support was so important to me!

This past year has been a productive one.  There was The 100 Day Challenge, where I pushed myself to create a new artwork every day for 100 consecutive days. I finished all 100 days! Meanwhile, my social media following grew from around 300 people to well over 3000 people. (Dreamy!)

Finding funding to be able to make new work can make a big difference to me, and any artist as well. It can be a huge help in fulfilling a dream that feels out of reach. I would like to ask for your help.

As an artist, I am always looking to take myself and my work farther. There's an amazing contest I'm entering with a generous prize donation of $2,000. This cash award goes to 10 artists who enter their work and receive the most upvotes. It's hosted by Blick Art Materials and will continue throughout the week. This is my entry artwork: 

  Oh Frida , a drawing in watercolor pencil and liquid chalk based on Frida Kahlo's S elf Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (1940) . 

Oh Frida, a drawing in watercolor pencil and liquid chalk based on Frida Kahlo's Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (1940)


Voting closes at 1am on February 4th. This link will work best on your desktop. After you've clicked "vote", you can also opt into a weekly drawing for a $100 gift card toward art supplies from Blick Art Materials. Please share with a friend & I appreciate the help! 

10 Artists to Inspire you when you feel #thestruggle

The following are paintings by 10 brilliant artists working with color and contemporary painters who I think are achieving some really inspiring stuff. I've used the Adobe Capture mobile app here. It's a pretty handy tool for artists that can screen grab basic color palettes from images. So useful for planning your next piece, or even just gathering inspiration. Follow the captions below to view each artist's work on Instagram and tap on any of the photos here to go to that artist's website. They're all stunning!  >>

 Fluid acrylic on panel   @catherine_haggarty

Fluid acrylic on panel @catherine_haggarty

 Oil, paint stick & charcoal on calico   #ellenbirkenblit

Oil, paint stick & charcoal on calico #ellenbirkenblit

 Oil and acrylic on canvas   @kelseyshwetz

Oil and acrylic on canvas @kelseyshwetz

 Oil on canvas   @coadybrown

Oil on canvas @coadybrown

>> Color palettes are something I like to work from all the time. I feel this really helps the finished product, because I can plan the way color moves. It makes me think about contrast and composition early in the early stages of any given painting. I can better understand how the pure colors used end up looking in a finished product, especially when they're going to be adjacent >>

 Acrylic on canvas   @erinaart

Acrylic on canvas @erinaart

 Watercolor on paper   @suspiciousobject

Watercolor on paper @suspiciousobject

 Acrylic, graphite, gouache on canvas   @jenshepardart

Acrylic, graphite, gouache on canvas @jenshepardart

 Mixed media on canvas   @meir__s

Mixed media on canvas @meir__s

 Dyed hair wigs on perspex   @dalefrankstudio

Dyed hair wigs on perspex @dalefrankstudio

 Mixed media on canvas   @artistkimberberry

Mixed media on canvas @artistkimberberry

>> Recently I've been feeling excited about bold colors like deep blue! I've definitely settled down on it to work. As usual stay tuned on the Moondrift Studios Instagram page to see my pictures as I continue colorful painting.

 Acrylic on canvas,  @moondriftstudios

Acrylic on canvas, @moondriftstudios

 Acrylic on canvas,  @moondriftstudios

Acrylic on canvas, @moondriftstudios

I'm an artist & I just spent the last 100 days making art. Here's to many more!

The 100 days of art challenge was a strenuous, awesome thing. I finished it! I made at least one new artwork a day from April 1st all the way through July 9th. My original goal going into this was to simply get back into the habit of things. I didn't really feel like I was making too much progress in the studio. Beforehand I was only finding time to do digital sketches and I was pretty much missing the physical materials. 

Day 100 of the 100 day project. 

Now that I'm post-challenge, new ideas are flowing. I was able to cement some series ideas about process and moving from sketch to paintings to display during the 100 days. It was a good exercise in being brave & building momentum - I had to post my 'mistakes'! I've learned it can still be valuable to work through creative block, and will actually work to unstick itself. 

It got me in the habit of dealing with materials and carving out a space to work in my apartment. I'm happy to be fully utilizing the space and envisioning the future. The Great Discontent (see link for instructions) created #the100dayproject as an IG hashtag and hosts it as a yearly event in April - for those of you thinking about joining in!

My favorite work came from relating painting to landscape via photography on a day trip. See the collection on Instagram at www.instagram.com/moondriftstudios. I'm so glad I did it! 


Keep an eye out for new store items & go enter #the100daygiveaway contest to win free original artwork plus mini prints. 

Thank you for following along with me!

The 100 Day Giveaway

It's Giveaway time! I'll be sending one winner a free original artwork and print. To enter, subscribe to the Moondrift Studios mailing list below or at moondriftstudios.com/subscribe. Then, follow Moondrift Studios on Instagram. You must do both to enter! 

For an extra entry, tag a friend or share any of the social media posts about the contest. 

Update: Contest now closed. The winner was chosen July 19th.  

Virtual Studio Visit

The #100daysofMoondrift art challenge is more than halfway through. Today marks the 67th consecutive day of creating a new piece! It has not been forgiving. Yet it's pushed my work forward in unexpected ways and has broken through in giving myself the time to form daily studio habits. These are photos shot by iD3 (link to his insta) for an inside look at my studio. 

My process has been mostly acrylic paint, but has moved fluidly between watercolor & ink as well. I've done quite a few small works on paper. 

The works largely involve space. As I start a new piece I've been choosing a limited color palette and then going for composition. I look for dynamic color and forms with strong texture and mark making. 

The materials push me forward in layering. Squeegees are a newfound love (see the image on the left) for creating super marks in acrylic paint on top of ink or watercolors. I'm wanting to create sculpture in the future and relate them to my work in painting as well. 


The biggest paintings I've done so far are 3 feet by 5 feet long and even double that. They're painted as wall hangings on unstretched canvas and they reference textiles with their flat shapes. I'm always admiring flat Ui/UX design & textile artists on Pinterest! I can't quite figure it out. 


If you'd like to learn more about what I'm doing you can find me on Instagram @moondriftstudios. I will be doing a free giveaway of a piece made during the challenge in late June/early July. Keep an eye out for contest rules coming soon, and thank you for coming through!

100 Day Art Challenge

Follow along on Moondrift Studios' Instagram page for the #100daysofMoondrift art challenge. A new artwork will be made and posted online every day through July 9th for 100 days. Stay tuned in July for a chance to win a free artwork. 

Contest Rules: Must subscribe to mailing list & be a follower on Instagram.

Here are a few artworks from the series so far: 

You can view more work at https://www.instagram.com/moondriftstudios.